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Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple, effective mental technique which allows the mind to transcend, or settle to the simplest, most powerful state of awareness. It does not involve any mental control or any active thought process.


Unfold the benefits of Transcendental Meditation


Inner peace

The deep restfulness experienced during Transcendental Meditation relaxes the body and allows it to release stress and built-up fatigue.

When your nervous system is less tense, you can react more calmly to problems that arise. It's not enough to affirm yourself to inner peace. You have to experience it in the physiology.


Stress relief

Because each individual is different, the balancing effects of Transcendental Meditation may bring different benefits for different people, such as fewer headaches, improved sleep, increased energy or better relationships. However, one benefit that the majority of people share is that they can generally handle stressful situations better after learning Transcendental Meditation.



What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment as a state of stabilised calm, clarity and full presence of mind, lived spontaneously in one's daily activities outside of meditation.


Scientists have found Transcendental Meditation rapidly develops more efficient, coherent and integrated brain functioning, the basis of higher consciousness in daily life.

Studies in neuroscience have established that during TM the brain functions with greater harmony and coherence.



Your brain did not come fully assembled at birth. Through the natural processes of maturation and experience, your brain is being created anew at every moment, to support all your thinking, decision making and behaviour. The on-going creation of your brain is a dynamic process.


The experience of restful alertness during Transcendental Meditation creates the optimum condition to unfold your full potential, for maximum intelligence and creativity in a completely effortless way, while preventing the damaging effects of stress on the brain.


Social benefits

Maharishi emphasised that individual peace is the basic unit of world peace, using the analogy that just as there cannot be a green forest without green trees, there cannot be a peaceful world without peaceful individuals. Even though there are many sincere individuals dedicated to the cause of peace, establishing peace requires more than simply adopting a psychological belief in peace. It can only... be achieved through a transformation at the very deepest level of the human mind and through a corresponding change in the physiology. Maharishi explained that when the mind and body are deeply at peace, then thought, speech and action will spontaneously radiate an influence of harmony into the environment.



Transcendental Meditation contributes to more successful and fulfilling relationships, and increases our ability to give more, in a positive way.

All successful relationships are based on giving. However, we can only give what we have. Often by the end of a busy day our reserves of energy are depleted and there is nothing left for friends and family. Relationships inevitably suffer.

Transcendental Meditation reduces stress and tension, a... major barrier to good communication and develops a more mature and tolerant personality. TM has also been found to develop broader awareness, greater happiness, and refined feelings and emotions. All these result in a more positive and warm personality capable of enjoying deeper relationships and a richer personal life.



The latest health trends constantly offer us the newest solution to health. But there is a very simple key to all round well-being: allow the inner intelligence of the body to do what it can re-establish balance and normal good health. Rest allows the body's natural healing mechanisms to function fully.... When we do not get sufficiently deep rest, the body tends to function poorly and stress-related problems occur. It has been estimated that 80% of all doctor visits are for stress-related problems. Transcendental Meditation provides a state of profound rest that naturally dissolves even deeply rooted stress and fatigue, and thus helps to rejuvenate the body and enhance brain functioning.



Reducing stress is essential because it is a drain on energy and interferes with functions such as attention, memory, organisation and integration. Prolonged stress can actually kill brain cells and shrink the brain's main memory structures. Stress can also bring about health problems.

The mind and body gain a deep level of rest and relaxation during Transcendental Meditation which dramatically diminishes the build up of stress and tiredness, leaving you feeling more refreshed, more settled and the mind more clear.

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