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Celebrating the many happy people who have already transformed their lives with the help of Optimal Health.

"Steve has such a warm, generous and fun personality. 


He has been my health coach and mentor for 2 weeks now and I can already see amazing results: I lost weight, I have more energy,  I developed my ability to focus more and  I feel more efficient on a daily basis..”

/// Natacha Adjovi

I've also been stressed for many years despite having many sessions with several councillors + was taking medication from my GP. Nothing helped and the situation actually got worse. Then I had one short session with Steve and since then my stress levels have almost disappeared especially at work, which is normally particularly stressful. Amazing.”

"Steve, in a matter of less than 3 mins, changed how I felt about one of my most beloved but worst eating habits - custard tarts. To say I was obsessed is an understatement. I would have 2 every day, for months at a time. It was ridiculous! That was several weeks ago and I haven't touched them since, barely even thought about them. Thanks Steve!"

/// Sophie Thorpe

“Since Steve has been coaching and mentoring me, I have lost over 80lb in weight and reduced my waist size from 42" to 28"...


I love my new body!"

/// Rosemarie Almonte

All these real genuine people
changed their lives with Optimal Health

And start living healthy TODAY

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