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How Healthy are

Vegetarians & Vegans?

Becoming vegetarian is certainly a step in the right direction, because there are many benefits:

1. It is Healthier:

    a) Less Bacteria (including fecal bacteria!) and Pathogens

    b) Less Hormones

    c) Less Antibiotics

    d) Less Acidic

    e) Better Digestion and Absorbtion

    f) Less chance of Cancer and other Diseases

2. It saves you Money

3. Less Animal Suffering

4. Much better for the Environment (because to create 1 Kg of meat requires 5-10 times as many resources and land as 1Kg of plant based food.


If you do eat meat from time to time, make sure that it is organic or ideally wild, because it reduces the first three issues.

You could also join the new healthier fad of eating insects... bon appetit !


Becoming vegan is even better, because you also avoid the health issues associated with eating dairy milk and products, including lactose intolerance and reduced gut absorbtion due to casein (which is one of the ingredients of cement!).


However, from a health point of view, being vegetarian or vegan is only a small fraction of of attaining Optimal Health.


Many vegetarians / vegans still:

1. Eat too much processed food

2. Eat too many carbs and sugar (see What Sugar is Healthy to eat).

3. Eat too many unhealthy fats

4. Cook their food, destroying nutrients

5. Don't move or exercise enough

and generally lead a less than optimal lifestyle


For much healthier alternatives, click here for Top 10 Health Tips


Also, most vegetarians and vegans don't get enough vitamin B12 (found in meat), so that needs to be supplemented, ideally with sublingual spray (under the tongue for optimal absorbtion).


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