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Slimming & Fat-Loss

There are 5 Pillars to Slimming and Fat-loss, each one vital, because if one pillar falls, the rest will topple.


1. Mindset

This includes:

  • Goal Setting

  • Role Models

  • Visualization

  • Destressing


Our experienced coaches can guide you through this.



2. Nutrition

This is more about what not to eat:

  • Processed food

  • Carbs/sugar

  • Grains

  • Dairy

  • White foods

and what health options to replace them with.




3. Elimination

It's not only important what goes into your body, but what and how much comes out.


Detoxing can help with eliminating toxins and things which have been festering in your body for years, sometimes decades!


It's time to let them go...




4. Exercise / Conditioning

One thing is clear, those who move the most, lose and keep off their weight and often live longer.


When doing exercise, the key here is High Intensity and Fast (e.g. HIIT)

This can also save you a lot of time. 

We can show you how 5-10 mins of the right exercise a day will burn more fat than 60 mins a day of tedious cardio.



5. Tracking / Reviewing

It's crucial to regularly track and review your progress, making the necessary changes to stay on track,

ideally with the help of a reliable friend or a coach, because they will help keep you accountable.


Some of the things to track daily and weekly:

  • Food intake

  • Sleep

  • Body Measurements, including Body Fat% and Waist Size

  • Photos at Milestones

  • Points for progress



For best and lasting results, all of the above is required.


Contact us today to show you how we can help you slim and lose body fat with this proven method.

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