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The Truth about Protein?

Most people only need approx 1g per Kg of lean body mass. So, if you weigh 80Kg, and have 20% body fat, then you only have 64Kg of lean body mass, and hence you only need approx 64g of protein a day. Each g of protein provides about 4 calories of energy, do a daily amount of 64g is around 260 calories.


Therefore, if you eat around 2000 calories a day, then you only need approx 13% of your calories from protein.


Most people eat too much protein, and eating excessive protein is either wasted, or converted into fat, and has other dangers, so it pays to monitor this.


Also, research has shown that having protein powders/drinks before or after training does not actually make any difference to strength or muscle growth.


Now we know that we only need relatively small amounts of protein, where can we get good quality protein from?


Here are some examples


Chlorella and Spirulina have about 60% protein.

Most meats have only around 20% protein.

Also, the former are about 4 times more easily absorbed than proteins from meat, so 12 times as much protein gets into your system if you eat chlorella and spirulina, in addition to the many other help benefits, like chlorophyll and many minerals.


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