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Top 10 Tips to Save Time, Money and Improve your Health

Ok, so you're busy, so let's get straight into it...


1. Skip breakfast (because Intermittent Fasting saves you time, it's healthier because you're allowing your digestive system to rest longer and your body to start burning fat (ketones), giving you more energy).


2. Eat more Raw food (because a big nutritious salad or smoothy only takes 5 mins to prepare).


3. Don't do cardio, do 5-10 mins of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) instead, (because it's much faster and it burns more calories for longer and it helps you get stronger).


4. Don't go to the restaurant, eat at home (see point 2 above) plus it saves you lots of money.


5. Batch up: Prepare several days' meals at a time.


6. Don't go to the out at home (See point 3 above) and save money at the same time, plus you're more likely to do it.


7. Shop online (because it's faster (only 5-10 mins) especially if you save your shopping list, plus you won't get tempted with unhealthy stuff in the shops).


8. Listen to some health (or personal development) audio or video whilst you're preparing food, eating, or working out (feed your mind, feed your body).


9. Don't listen to the news or read newspapers/ popular media (because most of it is negative (causing stress) and some misleading or untrue (especially a lot of the health info on popular media)). Do 8 instead.


10. Get a coach (because a good coach will help you reach your health, fitness and lifestyle goals faster and easier, and can help you save money as well).



Start with one of the above, and keep adding until you do them all regularly.

Now, get started, or contact us to guide you through these in more detail.


To your health, wealth and happiness!


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